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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Blog: It Does a Body Good

Hopefully today's blog will go well on the way of answering the question of whether or not you should blog when you have less than nothing to say. This kind of talk sends a pickle right up the spine of people who always think everyone has something to say and are always willing to stick a microphone in someone's face and put them on tv.

Cameraman: Quick you're on tv say something!
Person: I ain't got no food, and I ain't got no water, and a little boy just stole my honeybun. Where'd he go? When I catch him I'm gonna____BZZZT

Transmission has been interrupted

I saw Mr. T recently in a local newspaper article on how Mohawks are coming back. Judging by the fact that my local newspaper is decidedly uncool I was having a hard time believing that Mohawks were actually coming back and whether or not Mr. T was still cool.

I have always believed that he was, but this may have been because of my deluded personality, or maybe it was that one time I saw him do a motivational speech on television.

Mr. T - Some people out there, they ask me what the "T" stands for. Well for the badguys the T stands for tough, and for the woman and children, the T stands for Tender.

If you ask me, the "T" stands for totally frikkin cool. I understand that totally frikkin cool is like 3 words but you have to allow me some levity because it's 1:44 in the morning. I should not be blogging right now. I should be in bed dreaming about being in school again. I hope it won't be that dream where there's a school assembly and I've forgotten to wear pants. I really hate that one.

I used to think that dreams were symbolic and that you could interpret them to mean something, like falling could mean...that you are scared of falling down, or sex dreams could mean that you want to have sex.

I thought that until 7th grade when this kid told me that he had dreams of being on a motorcycle and being chased by dinosaurs with grenades. I'm pretty sure that doesn't mean anything at all, and therefore the whole system is fundamentally flawed and will have to be scrapped.

Hey, who here brushes their teeth? I've brushed my teeth before, and I plan to again very soon.

Brushing your teeth is one thing that we can all do to look better, and you know how important that is. Which reminds me of how I heard that song "popular" on the radio the other day. I normally don't listen to the radio much, so it was unusual. However, it reminded me of how much I used to love the song, and how relevant it still sounds. I think I'll go steal it off the internet somewhere.

Hey how bout Sean Penn springing a leak in his boat in New Orleans while trying to rescue people during a photo opportunity, man talk about crying over spilt milk.