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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Back to Blogging?

I'm blogging this morning because I have some time. I have some time because I slept probably about 14 hours out of the last 16 hours or so. I slept so many hours because I was super tired. I was super tired from working at 4:30 in the morning at JFK airport so frequently where i promote wi-fi in the sky!

Gogo Inflight internet is the name of the service. I've been working this promotion since September 2009. I could complain but seriously there's no point. It got me the new apartment that I'm sitting in right now which I'm extremely grateful for. The Lord has taught me that you need to be grateful for everything including the noise upstairs which seems to come from neighbors of Spanish speaking descent who like to watch tv when I am in bed at about 8 or 9 o clock.

I just remember back to the times a few years ago when I was totally broke (unlike now hahhahahahah) and walking around Manhattan for hours at a time looking for work and having nothing to show for it.

So here I am today living in a small 1 bedroom in Astoria, NY where I just spent all the money that I have saved up from the best job I've ever had for the past 6 months.

Yeah, it's going to make it hard to do something about those credit card bills. Well, not like that mountain is going to moved anytime soon. OKAY LORD! Sorry, it doesn't appear likely that that particular mountain is going to be moved anytime soon. But, I did just get a new great commercial agent and all it would take is 1 national tv commercial and I could wipe the slate clean.

Or a random phone call would do it, like the one I got last night where I was informed that they would like to pay me 400 dollars to dress up like a giant nose for a few hours for a publicity stunt.

Now if I just got a phone call like that a few dozen more times in the next few months I could really start to steamroll my mountain of credit card debt.

Not joking about that folks, current credit card debt is just a shade over 20 grand.

Did I rob a bank and I'm now paying for it? How did it get so high? The average reader unfamiliar with all my exploits might wonder. Well, the answer is simple - New York City robbed me of several years of my life and made me pay for it on my credit cards.

So now I'm making my own money and trying to figure out where to put everything in my new apartment. Will my landlord let me hang shelves on the wooden paneling that they call walls in my place?

Will anyone come over for the housewarming party that I'm having?

It's on Saturday the 20th of March and you can pretty much come over anytime you want. If you want to come over that day and hang out and wake me up at 6 in the morning. That's cool too. I haven't had anyone over yet except for past roommates who were checking the place out, and or helping me move.

I live at 2452 Crescent Street in Astoria, NY right off the N,W yellow train line about 25 minutes from Times Square.

I'm sure I've left something out in my first post back in a million years but now I can't think of a thing.

(oh wait I did just think of something) If you have excess money and you want to help me out. You can send a donation to my email address through paypal. I promise I will never shill like this again, at least not for a while. I promise your donation will be tax deductible.

And now of course I remembered something else. I'm in a video contest with Progressive Insurance where the winner gets to be in a commercial with their spokesperson Flo.

You can check it out here The first round of the contest ends March 21st and then after that I will be trying to get people to watch the video once per day assuming that I get to the second round which is starting to look likely.

Okay that's all for me. I'm going to start my day. Thanks for reading.

It feels pretty good to be back.