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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Extra Work

Since July of 2006 I've been doing extra work on tv shows and movies an average of 2 or 3 days a week and it always amuses me every time I'm on set. This is a job where you get paid a low wage to sit around all day waiting for the producers to call the herd onto set where they place them into what they seem to think is the most "natural" way that they would look, except it never looks natural. It always looks pretty much stiff and forced.

Needless to say I have a lot of fun on these sets joking around with people and I only need an audience of 1 for endless amusement. Yesterday it was my good friend Scott Thomas.

I kept telling people he was gay and whenever he would talk I would tell people, "It's okay. He's gay." Because being gay excuses everything.

It was so much fun yesterday, so much so that I went across the street and had a general Tso's special lunch at the Golden Harvest restaurant rather than eat the cafeteria style food that they pour out in portions designed to be eaten by starving people in Africa. I didn't come back for almost an hour, and secretly I was hoping that they would go to set without me and I would finish eating my food at the restaurant and watch more episodes of "Arrested Development" on my Ipod. My roomate Blake Wilson just gave me the entire second and third season's in Ipod format the other day which was pretty nice of him.

I sometimes stare at people on sets just to gauge their reaction. Okay. I sometimes stare at everyone just to gauge their reaction. It's because reactions are funny.

I particularly like staring at old people because you know their reactions might be off the charts, they might not get the joke at all, or they might get it and start comparing it to something funny they watched on television in good ol' 1957.

I also met this great girl who's name I can't disclose yet for no other reason than I just met her and if it turns out sour then. oh forget it. There really is no point in not disclosing it at this point because my readership is very small, having alienated all 7 of my regular readers by never posting anymore and going to myspace. Which is great because now I can write whatever I want here without any pressure whatsoever to be funny which I am anyway.

So anyway this girl Anna Hanson liked every single thing I liked and when she said she was just watching the muppets, I had to stop her and say are you sure you havent been spying on me or this isn't a scene from Groundhog Day where you know everything I like and are just trying to get in good with me? It turned out she wasn't.

I didn't really get her to laugh or break character that much though. Perhaps she was playing it straight like I was. I told her I don't laugh that much either and when I'm in the the front row of a comedy show comedians hate me because I don't laugh and they pick on me thinking I'm ruining their act.

So I don't know anything about this girl except that she's an actress, and more importantly likes the tv show "Extras" (on BBC HBO), the band "The Arcade Fire" and the Muppets.

Well, that's more than enough to go on for me and I hope I get to see her again.

Signing off folks.

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