Seriously This is Hot Stuff!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Seriously Folks

Seriously. I just got asked why I don't blog anymore. It's not true. I did blog. No one responded. I've got far too much going in my life to blog for a dead audience. Okay that's not technically true. If my audience was dead they wouldn't have access to the internet and they wouldn't be able to enjoy the mirth merriment and crazy antics that are happening here like non-stop. I mean its like a party in my mouth like 24/7 and for real its like crazy.

So you know like I've got this blog and its where I write like my innermost thoughts and whatnot and my deepest secrets like uh...nah i can't write that. seriously. don't make me. you wouldn't like me when I go crazy.

I went crazy one time and I didn't like it, so I don't see any reason why you, the nonexistant audience would like it much either.

So a lot of people are probably wondering, is Josh still in New York? How can he go on? Well let me say that I lie to my credit card companies, which I understand is a federal offense, but how else could I get zero percent rates?

Its the only way.

It's the American Way.

And I trust America.

I guess maybe I should complain about George Bush or somebody or something in politics, but I just don't care because I need to make a difference in my own life before I worry about the Saudi's. Duh. I can't help myself before I help myself or something like that.

A wise man once asked why I was going to St. Ives and I told him it was because I had 7 wives and kats and kits and I was going Damn it and that's all there was too it. And you better not try to stop me or I'll call the authorities and shut you down right now.

Wait! Hold on. Am I still blogging? This is really silly.

Is it possible for me to find a girl? I mean really? I'm dead serious. I'm just not sure. I don't do small talk, and I have a terrible time pretending to be interested in really boring stuff which is almost everything. sigh. Well, I'm an actor. So maybe I should like I'm happy and having fun.

It's a good idea.

Say have you seen Closer? It's really good. Although best friend said she wouldn't watch it because it had too much vulgarity in it and if by vulgarity you mean the word **** then yes, it's vulgar. Or maybe you mean the word ********** well yeah I guess that does make it pretty raunchy.

Man I sure hope I get married sometime, this not having sex thing just really isn't working out for me so good. I guess God has a plan and all and it's gonna be great in his time. It just seems like his plan is taking a little longer than his plans for all the normals. I guess that means its a top secret plan. Top Secret is a pretty funny movie by the way.

You should watch it. If you like funny movies. If you don't then why are you reading this blog? You should be reading Jane Eyre by yourself somewhere.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

It's Called A BLOG!

ALright everyone. I know you all are kind of dissapointed that I haven't blogged at somewhere instead of the nowhere that I have been blogging at, but I wanted to wait till I had my room setup because when I first moved to Washington Heights (a dominican neighborhood in uptown manhattan) I was sleeping on the floor without an air conditioning while my roomate was having 7 different girls over every week and each one of them thought they were his "girlfriend". He watches tv with them every single freeking night of the week till like 4 ..5? in the morning.

Yesterday I woke up at 4:30 in the morning at Dukes of Hazzard was on. I wasn't in the mood for Boss Hog then (no duh i was really tired) so i turned it off. 10 minutes later, my roomate laying on his bed with a girl remote in hand, turned it back on.

AAAAHHHHH sometimes I can't stand it. But that's only when I'm tired, which is a lot because I don't have any blinds in my room.

When I went to Ikea to get my room setup I wanted to get venetian blinds. How hard could that be I thought. Well it's pretty hard at Ikea unless you know exactly what you want and how to get it, because believe me, no one at Ikea is going to help you out because no one is there. It's like people dont work there except at the checkout aisles.

So anyway. my room is all setup now with a cheap twin bed, with a bed roll, a cheap bookshelf, a cheap computer desk and ta dahh!!! books. So i think everything is going according to plan and then my computer decides to work terribly. I mean really bad. Look I know about computers and how to fix them and such, but I was just lost for 2 weeks and too stubborn to pay someone 30 dollars to look at it again, and say, "why don't you just do this?"

So i finally broke down 2 days ago and ordered a new computer. I'm going to try to put it together in the morning. It's only the components of a computer. I am going to completely put it together from scratch. Wish me luck.

I'm writing from my roomates computer and I never wanted to do this, and I hate it right now because the tv is on and there's 2 girls in his room. I don't know why they like to hang out here so much, can't they go to their own freeking houses?


Well I'm obviously tired.

I hope everyone's appetite for me is sated for the moment because I will try my utmost to write more again very soon. And I mean soon.

Until then I will have to put up with dumb girls with no taste and constant television.

This is what I get for being close to Times Square (20 minutes from my front door by train).