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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Calm Down Everybody!

The sky isn't falling. I know that the five of you out there who occasionally read this blog are wondering where your superstar has gone to? How could he be so great if he stays away from his beckoning public? Well fans, I've just discovered what the rest of the world has, namely that whatever I write on myspace will get like 10 times as many views as anything i write here so....

Yeah thats right I just write on myspace now and this page is sort of like my bastard cousin who I sometimes take out for ice cream.

That really wasn't a very good metaphor was it?

But I wanted to let everyone know that my Christmas and Thanksgiving breaks were so wonderful beyond belief and I wanted to personally thank all my friends and family who made it so, and for my mom who always lets me use the car.

Anyway fans, I am excited and ready to rip 2007 a new one. This is the year that I will get an agent, will get into SAG, and will get a small part in a movie.

Mark it down. It will happen. Either that, or I'll finally have to get a real job.

For the last 6 months I've lived on freelance jobs, consisting of promotions jobs, extra work on films and tv shows, catering, and temp office work. My debt load is piling up with no end in sight and I keep transferring balances and paying high interest rates eventually.

It looks like the end except I have God on my side, so I win.

Sorry bout that devil.

I also want to thank my friends at Impossible Casting who have really been there for me when i needed them, and in February are hosting more showcases to allow me to meet even more agents than I did last year. Matt and Craig, you guys are the best.

Also Scott Powers Studios took my money for a class and didn't deliver what they talked about, and then informed me that the sheet of paper that I signed to take the class had a line on it about how I couldn't tell my credit card company I wanted my money back.

What a rip. I can't believe my credit card company is honoring this ridiculous line.

So here's what happened.

I met this wheeler dealer kind of agent named Mike Amato who told me I needed new pictures and told me to talk to Scott Powers where he "sends all his kids too."

I go down to Scott Powers Studios and Scott is busy so I just meet his office boy who tells me that the print modeling class is perfect for every actor at every level of work, so I willingly plunked down my 600 dollars on my credit card and signed the form without meeting Scott Powers, who was only in the other room.

I get to class and i am immediately horrified. Scott Powers looks at me when I walk in and says, "This is the part of the class where we welcome people, so welcome!"

Wow. What a freak. This guy is sewn tighter than a 3 dollar bill. If he's not gay then I'll bite an apple.

Oh yeah, did I mention that he had little kids in the class? Like a lot of them?

Does this sound like something that should be appropriate for what has obviously been sold to me as an adult class?

Um. no.

And as I sat there listening to him tell awful stories for the next 4 hours and give out every once in while really basic information that you could pick up from a casual conversation with a photographer about the business for like 5 minutes I wanted to throw up.

So I called back the next week and told Scott Powers that I wanted my money back (in a very nice way) and he in a very nice way explained that they don't give refunds.


And my credit card company agreed even though Scott Powers is a rip-off artist who only wants to take your money.

I don't know how I got off on that, but the whole thing left a stink on my tongue. Blah

Stay away from Scott Powers Studios at all costs.