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Monday, August 15, 2011

Eric Watches Movies: Cowboys and Aliens

Its been a pretty wild month for me. I've been back and forth from New York now 4 times for work and auditions and I finally struck gold. Starting August 22nd I'll be managing a street marketing campaign for Fiat for their first entrance into the American market since 1983. Basically I'll be driving the car around to various locations everyday and supervising a street team who will be promoting it.

This is amazing news financially since obviously I haven't made a lot of money this year in my recovery from 2 stomach surgeries.

All of my overnights have been spent at my former 65 year old roommate Eric Sigward's apartment on his floor.

As many of you reading this may recall back when I was living with him i shot a series of terrific videos which capture all the eccentric personalities of my dear friend

On my last visit just a few short days ago I decided to revisit these monologue style videos and encouraged him to talk about a recent movie he had just watched "Cowboys and Aliens" below are the results. I hope you enjoy it.

- Josh