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Friday, August 26, 2005

Nothing to see here

Sorry folks. No blog update today. I know some of you out there in reader land wake up every day and shiver to your spine when I don't put out a new blog. Since I usually only average like 3 posts a week, that means a lot of you are shivering constantly. I don't know how to prevent that, because I just don't have the energy to post everyday, or if I did maybe the posts would suffer? Perhaps that is a copout. This one seems to be going pretty well.

More Shameless Self Promotion and Tom Green
I was doing some random internet cannoodling tonight and I ran across I was pretty excited to find out that Tom Green actually runs and maintains his own site. He's also looking for the most interesting person in America, and while I think that this is me, he may not realize that without encouragement. So if you guys wanna go there and email him that it would mean a lot to me. Well, it would only mean a lot to me if I knew you did that. If I didn't find out, your superhuman effort will have otherwise been wasted. I'm sorry.

I emailed and told him I should be in his next movie.

In fact I should star in his next movie as his stand in.

This blog was not spell checked. It should be obvious by now that it is perfect in its original un-edited form.